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The Duke Can Go the the Devil

Book 3 of the Prelude to a Kiss Series

May Bradford isn’t afraid to play devil’s advocate when it comes to a duke.…


After her mother’s death, May’s sea captain father sends her halfway around the world to live with his stodgy sister in England. The summer festival in Bath made for a lovely distraction, but now she can’t wait for her father’s return so she can leave this country, its suffocating rules, and one infuriatingly proper nobleman in particular behind.


Because he is the Duke of Radcliffe, William Spencer’s whole life revolves around his duties. He never steps foot outside the bounds of proper behavior, and he expects the same of those around him. With her devil-may-care ways, May vexes him nearly as much as she tempts him, but there’s something about her that he just can’t resist. He knows he’s falling hard for her, but with lives that are worlds apart, will they ever be able to find any common ground?

An Amazon Best Book of the Month for July Romance! 

A GoodReads 'Best Romance of the Month" for July!

Harlequin Junkie: Harlequin Junkie Recommends distinction

Regency romance has rarely been so much fun or full of witty verbal sparring as with this novel.

Are you a Regency fan who enjoys romance that balances a sweet and tender side with explosive chemistry? Then The Duke Can Go to the Devil is for you!


RT Book Reviews:

Readers who adore verbal battles of wills, spirited heroines and just enough sexual tension to ignite their imaginations are sure to take delight in every page of this beguiling read.


Smexy Books:

I recommend this novel as it has amazing dialogue, a unique and interesting heroine and a fresh air of vivacious fun and you will not want to put it down!


Fresh Fiction:

THE DUKE CAN GO TO THE DEVIL is peppered with delicate and beautiful bits of romantic enchantment.


Reader to Reader

A captivating, charming, and very funny summertime read.


Ramblings From This Chick

I had a familiar feeling of joy after finishing this book. Erin Knightley has proven to me time and time again that she is a brilliant romance writer.


GoodReads Reviews:

   +The characters are exceptionally well-defined, and character development is unsurpassed. THE DUKE CAN GO TO THE DEVIL is a perfectly splendid, refreshing, and ingenious take on opposites attracting; it is absolutely divine!

   +I also enjoy the humor Erin Knightley is able to so skillfully add to all her stories. I love a book that makes me laugh but can also have me in tears with a few well placed tender moments.


Pasting a smile on her lips, May tilted her head. “Do I know you?” she asked, coloring the words with perfect innocence. It was best to be on the offensive in these sorts of situations.


Radcliffe's eyebrows lowered as he regarded her cautiously, obviously suspicious of her intentions. “How I wish I could reply in the negative.”


“Ah, yes. It is you. I thought for a moment I was witnessing the chivalrous actions of the Duke of Radcliffe’s lesser known but much more agreeable twin brother.” She kept her tone light with just a hint of teasing. It was an admittedly backhanded compliment, but it would be a lie to say she didn’t enjoy the flicker of uncertainty in his eyes as he decided whether to be offended or flattered.


“Might I suggest, Miss Bradford, that since you were the one who requested an audience with me not more than a handful of hours ago, you might have a care how you speak to me.” Even though he sounded as imperious as a king, there was definitely a seed of humor nestled between the stern words.


She was entirely at his mercy and he knew it. Even so, and in spite of the fact she had been determined to be as complacent as possible in order to gain her freedom, she found it almost impossible to ignore the desire to spar with the man.


The orchestra, which was situated in a small alcove twenty paces away, signaled the start of the next dance, and men and women all around them started for the dance floor. Within moments, the two of them were left stranded like seaweed on the shore of an outgoing tide. “Remarkable,” she said, lifting a single brow. “No one can clear an area quite like your ego.”


He came as close to rolling his eyes as she imagined he ever had. “Or this is a ball, and people wish to dance.”


“Is that an invitation? How positively unexpected. Peasant girl that I am, I never expected to be asked to waltz by the great duke himself.” Her smile was both teasing and wicked, meant to show that she wasn’t intimidated by him in the least, despite the fact that she needed him. She had seen the kindness he had shown Sophie. He may have little regard for May’s pride, but he had protected someone she loved. It made him that much more interesting, and even more appealing than he had a right to be.


Something very much like determination flickered in his eyes. Or was it exasperation? Whatever it was, she didn’t have time to examine it before he thrust out his hand, palm up. “Absolutely.”


She blinked, then stared down at the supple leather encasing his outstretched fingers. “I beg your pardon?” He couldn’t truly wish to dance with her. She had only been needling him.


Leaning close enough that she could smell the crisp, classic sandalwood scent of his shaving soap, he looked her dead in the eye. “I’m calling your bluff.”

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