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Want an autographed copy of your ebook? It's simple! Simply request HERE

Want me to autograph your paper book? Simply send your copy with a self addressed stamped envelope to

Erin Knightley, PO Box 305, Bunn, NC 27508.

Be sure to email me at to give me a heads up so I know to go look for it!




Free Music Downloads:

Want to download some free music that was inspired by my books? My brother, Andy McLeroy, wrote two amazing songs that he has made available for you for free. The first, Charity's Nocturne, is a song inspired by the scene in Charity's music room when she plays for Hugh, and the second song is a companion piece to the first kiss scene in More Than a Stranger. I thoroughly love them both, and I hope you will to! To get a free copy, go HERE.


Below is the song (A Galaxy Dies) I used for inspiration while originally writing the scene that later inspired Charity's Nocturn. Andy also wrote this. I hope you enjoy!

FOR MORE ABOUT ANDY and his beautiful music, head to

Packing Guru at Work:

In case you didn't know, I'm something of a packing guru ;)  Here is a video I made with packing tips so you too can travel without ever having to check a bag! 

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