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Once Jilted, Twice Shy

A Midwinter's Scandal Novella

When the Thames freezes over, scandal heats up!

Lady Juliette Trent has spent the months since becoming London’s most notorious jilted bride in virtual isolation. When the impromptu Frost Fair on the Thames finally draws her out of her self-imposed confinement, the last person she expects to see is the very man who left her standing at the altar.


But things aren’t always what they seem, and when Sebastian Holmes, Earl of Haverstan reveals his true reason for abandoning her, Juliette is determined to right the wrong that was done to them both—even if it means causing a scandal the ton won’t soon forget.

**This story was originally released with Heather Snow's LOVING LADY DERVISH in a limited time novella 'duet' called A MIDWINTER'S SCANDAL. The set is no longer available, but I highly recommend reading Heather's complementary story as well in order to enjoy the world to its fullest :) **

Additional links, including links to the paperback version, will be added as they become available

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